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Key Industries

Life Sciences and Health

Limburg represents a strong cluster in biotechnology, cardiovascular research and molecular imaging, and biomaterials. Three hundred companies in this sector provide 94,400 jobs. Within a fifteen-mile radius, there are three university hospitals (in Maastricht, Liège, and Aachen). This a great advantage for international clinical projects and product distribution in the nearby Germany market. Limburg has become the European distribution hotspot for device manufacturers such as Medtronic, Boston Scientifc, Abbott, and Stryker.

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus offers a unique range of advanced imaging instruments from MRI, electron microscopy, and mass spectrometry for tracking molecular, cell, tissue, and in-organ or body processes. It provides education for 6.929 students.

The campus focuses on

  • regnerative medicine: cell therapy, tissue engineering, bio-based materials in cardiac, orthopedic & spine medicine, and          ophthalmology
  • precision imaging and innovative diagnostics: naonscopy, mass  spectrometry, high-resolution imaging: from research to ground-    breaking clinical applications.

What Limburgs offers you

  • access to the best clinical research
  • access to state of the art facilities for MRI Imaging
  • Three ultra-high-field whole-body cliinical MRI scanners add        prestige: a 3T Prisma, an activly-
  • shield 7T system, and one of five 9.4T systems in the world
  • access to state of the art facilities for bio-imaging
  • access to worldclass medical equipment builders as GDO,          Maastricht Instruments and AIM.

Some key tenants on the campus

  • Medtronic: the Bakken Research Center, coordinates Medtronic’s European research
  • Bayer: multinational research center for medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Maastricht University Medical Center and MAASTRO Clinic for cancer radiology
  • Heart-Vessel Centre for prevention, treatment, and research on cardiovascular problems
  • EM-TRAC (European Medical Training Center) for industry and medical clinical training
  • CARIM: School for Cardiovascular Diseases
  • MERLN: Institute for Tecnology-Inspired Regenative Medicine.

Knowledge institutions

  • CARIM: medical school for cardiovascular diseases
  • MERLN: institute for technology-inspired regenerative medicine
  • GROW: medical school for oncology and development biology
  • M4I: state-of-the art molecular imaging institute for research – nanoscopy & mass spectrometry
  • MHeNs: medical school for Mental Health and Neuroscience
  • Nutrim: School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism.