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Key Industries

High-Tech Systems


The world is in anticipation of a fourth industrial revolution. Driven by giant leaps in ICT cross sector innovations that radically alter the face of industry. Automated production systems using advanced robotics and software pattern recognition techniques now join up fragmented manufacturing processes.

In Limburg, our High Tech niche companies aim te make manufacturing industry processes versatile in application of products and more competitive through faster and defined utilization of ICT opportunities - response to market is a key driver.

The high-tech production sector in Limburg is home to a diverse range of companies in terms of industries, company size, technologies, and knowledge. Many leading multinational companies are thriving in Limburg: in total, there are 2,650 companies providing work for 59,000 people. In fact, 40% of all the jobs in the Dutch manufacturing industry are concentrated in the southerneastern part of the country.

The production facilities offer high-end technologies in the field of application, development, and realization of high-end technological solutions. These facilities are linke tot solid supply chains from R&D, engineering and suppliers tot tooling and equipment, contract manufactures, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). OEMs, first-tier suppliers and second-tier suppliers work together with knowledge institutes on the further innovation of products and technology.

Why Limburg?

  • wide diversity of companies in the high tech industry
  • highly flexible in production volumes
  • entrepreneurial drive to improve and innovatie products, services and processes
  • presence of mature supply chains
  • high-end technologies
  • industrial clusters.

Companies in Limburg

SMEs and larger high-tech systems companies can be found all over the province of Limburg, but there are six specific clusters that can be distinguished:

  • Automotive (BMW currently produces MINI’s at the VDL Nedcar plant in Born)
  • MRO Aerospace
  • Steel
  • Agri-food
  • Performance Materials
  • Life Sciences & Health.


Limburg and its region are home to many educational institutes (from vocational to academic and beyond), ensuring a dependable flow of qualified workers. In addition, Limburg cooperates with Eindhoven University of Technology, Leuven University, and Aachen RWTH to form a top European technological region.


Relevant Limburg-based associations and network organizations active in the High-Tech Systems sector:

  • Maastricht Maintenance Boulevard: excellent aviation MRO & training
  • Brightlands: innovative technologies & materials
  • Automotive NL: automotive network
  • CAReV: automotive