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Key Industries

Chemistry and Materials

DSM, Sabic, OCI Nitrogen, and ARLANXEO all have their headquarters, production, and R&D facilities in Limburg. n total, there are 240 chemical companies in Limburg. This accounts for 12,430 jobs, amounting to 12,1% of the total employment.

Chemelot Industrial Park

Chemelot is one of the largest integrated chemical and material sites in Europe. More than 10 billion euro revenu is generated every year by 150 organizations and 8,000 professionals who are smartly collaborating.

It has the ambition to become the safest, most sustainability and most competitive chemical site in Europe before 2025. A concrete plan has been developed leading to a carbon neutral site.

Chemelot unique strengths

  • extensive integration of 60 industrial scale plants
  • plug & play manufacturing infrastructure with related services like multi modal logistics (water, rail, road), predictive maintenace, quality assurance and utilities
  • umbrella operating license and permit system and advance servcies related to safety, health, environment and security
  • open innovation ecosystem at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus
  • centrally located in North-West Europe in the middle of one of the largest and dense chemical areas of the world (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Rhine, Ruhr Area.

Brightlands Chemelot Campus

  • is one of the largest chemical sites in Europe (800 hectares) with more than sixty companies;
  • has more than thirty chemical plants producing 7.5 million tons of products;
  • provides work to approximately 6,000 employees;

Brightlands believes that the chemical industry needs to innovate faster. An accelerated transition to bio-based raw materials and clean energy will breathe new life into the industry. The breakthroughs necessary to achieve this are developed here by buidling bridges between fundamental scientific research and product and process innovations in companies. The campus and adjacent industrial park form one giant laboratory where the brightest, most highly qualified experts from universities and the business community work together. Brightlands Chemellot Campus strives to become the primary European site in advanced materials and sustainable technologies.

Why Limburg?

  • world-class research
  • state of the art facilities
  • unique business development programme.

Key companies on the campus

  • DSM: global research and innovation center for science-based health, nutrition, and materials
  • SABIC: technology and innovation center for high-performance materials
  • SAPPI: global leader in dissolving specialty papers, running a pilot-scale plant
  • Xilloc: 3D-printed components with applications in medicine, aviation, the automotive sector, and industries
  • Chemelot InSciTe: valorization of bio-medical and biobased building blocks
  • Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (CHILL): chemistry education for students, working on assignments from SME’s.